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When you have been in a relationship for a long period of time, it is often difficult to figure out whether you and your mate are just comfortable, or lazy.

While there is a definite difference between the two, sometimes you can think youíre comfortable when you are actually exhibiting traits of lazy. The information below will help you decide.

When you are comfortable in a relationship, you are able to communicate successfully

You and your partner talk about issues that arise instead of ignoring them in hopes they will go away. Communication is essential for a well-rounded relationship and is what will promote longevity.

When you are comfortable with your partner, you can be yourself

You have no problem expressing your thoughts and fears or sharing your interests. You and your significant other truly accept one another.

When you are comfortable with your mate, the two of you really enjoy one anotherís company. Whether you choose to go out or just stay in, you are agreeable. You can also find a compromise. If you are someone who likes to go out, but he typically prefers staying in, the two of you find a way to work it out where you take turns doing what you both want to do.

If you are lazy in your relationship, you will do the opposite of what is described above

Instead of talking through and taking care of problems, you ignore them. It is important to keep in mind that just because you may initially talk about a problem, it isnít necessarily resolved. Itís the follow through that really counts in the end.

You may also tend to let things slide

Instead of confronting an issues when it arises, you may find yourself passing it off as unimportant just to avoid a fight. This is not a good practice to adopt as it will almost always lead to further problems on down the road. While not all issues require a significant amount of talking, taking care of those that do is important in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Some couples stay together because itís convenient

Sometimes a person might not feel like going out into the dating scene once more, and may be okay with simply continuing to date the same person with no real future plans. This isnít fair to either person in the relationship and certainly isnít indicative of a healthy relationship.

If you are staying with your partner because you are afraid of being alone, and can't bear the thought of being single, rather than because you love him and enjoy being with him, this is a kind of laziness as well.

If you are uncertain about whether or not your relationship has become comfortable or lazy, consider the information above. Talk to your boyfriend or husband to find out how he feels and what he is thinking. Itís always good to maintain that closeness and stay in touch with one anotherís feelings. If he does not want to talk, explain why you feel it is so important.

How to avoid falling into laziness

Couples become lazy in each other's company when they stop trying. If you find yourselves going to the same restaurants all the time, always hanging out with the same people and generally not challenging yourselves, make an effort to keep things exciting.

Make sure you go on dates still, instead of always staying in. Put some effort into what you wear and how you look when you go out on a date - it will improve your self confidence and your relationship. Try wine tasting or quad biking or something adventurous. Couples who have fun together whether alone or in groups have a better chance of making it.

Long-lasting relationships are about communication. Support one another in all aspects of life and you have a better chance of staying together for a long time to come.

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