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Make new friends in 30 minutes
Moving to a new city or discovering post-breakup that your friends were actually just his friends can be a major wake-up call!

Here's an idea that's sure to have you exchanging numbers and making plans with other women...
30-minute meals

This is how it works: you invite women who you would like to get to know better to a cooking evening that teaches them how to make 30-minute meals by a professional chef and voila! You have a recipe for a fun-filled evening mixed with interesting, funny conversations and generous portions of food and wine.
Chopping the onions as well?

Now I know that it may sound daunting for those of us that only know how to boil an egg but you do get a recipe to work from and you team up to cook one recipe together. You prepare all the food yourself - chopping the vegetables and meat including cooking it on the stove or oven if required.

The recipes are super easy and there is no pressure as everyone is so relaxed. Everyone shares whatever was cooked or baked, including dessert.
Do I really make friends?

This type of evening normally happens at your house when you have friends over and all the ladies congregate in the kitchen. If you have experienced that before, then it should give you a pretty good idea of what could happen.

Stories and anecdotes about your relationships, family and work are all shared freely and you find yourself in kinship with your fellow cook - and laughing really hard about common challenges and truths that make up our lives. Whether real and lasting friends are made is all up to you and how you nurture your newfound friendships.
New to the city

If you are new to a city or community, this could be a way for you to grow and forge new friendships. In addition to learning a new skill, you will be learning more about other people. Stepping out of your comfort zone will also save you money on dining out as you will be eager to show off your new found skills to your family and friends.
What if?

Studies suggest that we fear an unknown outcome more than we do a known bad one. What if I don’t like the people? What if they don't like me? What if I don’t like the dishes we prepare? These are all valid questions.

The same as: What if I really enjoy myself? What if I actually make some real friends? What if you forget about cooking and have so much fun that you forget what time it is? What if?
It is guaranteed to have you laughing

It takes courage to try something new and it opens up the possibility to broaden your horizon. It forces you to grow and you have will be safe from becoming bored.

Meeting new people while cooking together is guaranteed to have you laughing, getting great tips about a lot of things, and not just about cooking. Throw some good food and wine in the mix and your stress levels are gone even before you can say Bob’s your uncle.

But be warned; you might be planning the next cooking evening sooner that you think.

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