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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people are rushing off to buy that little red teddy bear, book spa treatments or plan candlelit dinners for their loved ones. We can’t forget about the other 364 days of the year though.

Here are four tips to keep that spark alive in your relationship and make every day (well, almost every day) Valentine’s Day:


We’ve all heard this one before, on those famous talk shows and even in wedding speeches. Communication is the most important thing in any relationship.

When your partner speaks to you, you need to show interest with your body language and pay attention to theirs, make time to listen to their concerns and give them your undivided attention.

There will be times when you don’t agree with your partner – remember that you are two different people from different families, perhaps entirely different backgrounds, now co-existing in a relationship.

It’s natural to disagree. You can however try your best to understand where they are coming from and respect and acknowledge their viewpoints.


No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, and there will be times when your partner will slip up. You have to be able to forgive your partner, as you would expect them to forgive you.

You are also the one who will suffer if you cannot forgive, and the resentment building up will poison and destroy your relationship. To create an atmosphere of forgiveness, also try to have realistic expectations of your partner.

This will set the tone for openness and acceptance of one another, and says it is ok to be imperfect.

Show appreciation for each other

We would all love to be with someone who appreciates us and takes the time to show us how much we mean to them. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion for this; make it a part of your day everyday to show your partner how much they mean to you.

When you are apart, send your partner sweet messages, call them to tell them you are thinking of them, keep in contact with them. When you are together, don’t underestimate the power of touch. Cuddle them, hold their hands and massage or tickle them, let them know you are grateful to have them in your life.

Have fun together

When you have been in a long term relationship or been married for a while, things can become mundane with daily life and other responsibilities you have to take care of. Take time out of every week to have a date with your partner.

You could find something you both enjoy doing, and do that activity together, or try something new. If you usually go to one particular restaurant, try going somewhere new. Play a sport together, work out together, or plan a date together where the two of you ice skate, go kart or scuba dive.

Laugh and don’t be afraid to be silly together. These shared experiences will strengthen your bond and take you back to the beginning of the relationship when everything was new and exciting.

A great relationship is most often the product of conscientious effort from both partners. Be the one to initiate these tips in your relationship daily, and you will find your partner responding positively. You may find the spark you had at the beginning of your relationship igniting into an eternal flame.

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