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We are excited to introduce Love Lines - a new weekly advice column by Relationship Coach Suzanne Styles, who will answer your relationship questions – whether they are problems with lovers, children or colleagues.....

Love is not an exact science and never will be, and often authentic and objective advice can go a long, long way towards repairing yourself and your relationships.
We have all had those life changing experiences, a significant emotional event that changes you forever

Sometimes that change triggers a chain of negativity in our lives that we find hard to break away from. I have had a few of these events in my life. Fortunately I have, for a long time, managed to overcome many of them and survive the ones from which I couldn’t break away.

I could never understand how I broke away and have spent the last ten years reading and studying books and programmes from the best of the best in the Personal Development industry and slowly I began to gain a little understanding of what was going on.

A few years ago I had a significant emotional event, heartache of a level that I physically thought was not possible and that I would die from the pain. I needed to work through it from several perspectives. I had to learn about myself and my behaviours, and how they were impacting on my future. and how to embrace change, understanding and forgiveness, of myself.

But how? I read voraciously every book I could lay my hands on about, love, relationships, break-ups, the mind, the power of positive thinking, NLP, hypnosis and any other development book I could find.

Little did I know that my journey was just beginning, a journey that my husband, Chris and I have undertaken together. With much soul searching we set upon an adventure of discovery – with many anchors from our past weighing us down and destructive behaviours that almost tore us apart.

Confiding in other people, friends and family wasn’t going to be an option. With us both being in our 40s everybody had so much to say and if we were going to make it we had to do it together, and alone.

Although we didn’t want to get into the low down and dirty with our friends, we wanted and needed advice, we were desperate for a ‘Life Line’ so to speak. In fact, we needed a ‘Love Line’ where we could get objective and authentic advice.
No finger pointing, no accusations, just learning

A traditional form of counselling was not what we were looking for, and we sought out something more alternative, where there would be no finger pointing, no accusations, just learning.

We attended a Life Coaching and then the Master Life Coaching course together, and there we found our passion and calling which has cemented our future. Certifying as a Relationship Coach, the South African Company used Anthony Robbins methodologies and programmes, I purchased the full programmes and studied them in depth and I have recently studied Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel.

Sharing some of my insights this year with All4Women has been a wonderful experience and All4Women will be launching the Love Line Advice column on a weekly basis soon.

I will answer your questions around relationships, whether they are with loved ones, family members or even colleagues.

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