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You brought your hot date back to your flat and never heard from him again, and now you’re wondering what put him off. Apparently these are the biggest turn-offs for men. See if you agree...
1. Messing with his stuff

No, not that stuff. Men very rarely complain about women messing with anything in the southern hemisphere. The big turn off is messing with stuff in his apartment, like cleaning it, rearranging it, or donating it to charity without his permission. You may think he lives in a pigsty. You may even be 100% right. But it’s his pigsty, so hands off unless he asks for help, okay?
2. Not enjoying sex

Long gone are the days when women were supposed to endure sex by “closing our eyes and thinking of England". Today, sex is supposed to make both partners feel good. If you really don’t like sex, that’s something you need to talk with your partner about, and it might help to see a relationship counsellor as well. If you like sex and are just trying to hide your enjoyment, end the pretense. Your guy will be delighted if he can help take you to the moon.
3. Being a bitch

Although there’s nothing wrong with a little spice and fire, men aren’t fond of women who are bitchy 24/7. As a general rule, play nicely with others.
4. Being possessive or jealous

His phone rings, and immediately, you’re all over it. “Who was that? Why would your brother be calling you at this hour? Besides, that didn’t sound like your brother’s ringtone?” Sheesh, stop the third degree, already. Unless the phone rings in the middle of your marriage ceremony, your guy doesn’t have to explain calls to you, and the more jealous you act, the quicker he’ll head for the door.
5. Nagging

Nobody likes to be reminded of something over and over. Say it once, clearly, and then let go of it.
6. Clinging

Clinging means finding a way to be constantly in your boyfriend’s space. Perhaps you don’t let go of his arm once when you’re in a crowded bar, or perhaps you insist on getting up and following him to the kitchen when he wants a snack. However you cling, your guy soon comes to see it as an invasion of his privacy. You’ll both be much happier if you let yourself back off.

The scenario: He asks where you want to go. You won’t tell him. He takes you to an action-adventure flick. You spend the rest of the night angry because he took you to the wrong movie. Newsflash: No matter how much a man may love you, he does not have ESP. If you want something specific from him, you need to ask for it. Period.
8. Talking about your exes

Your current boyfriend doesn’t need to know that your third boyfriend could fix anything in the house and that your fifth could bring you to a climax within seconds of touching you. If you find yourself babbling about ex-lovers…zip it!
9. Trying to change him

Most adults are not customizable. What you see is what you get. If you don’t like what you see, keep walking until you find something you like better. But it’s totally unfair to start a relationship with someone and then demand that he make fundamental changes in his life for you.
10. Being a slob on the hygiene front

No, you don’t have to be a beauty queen to impress a guy, but you do need to treat your body with the respect it deserves. Get enough exercise and sleep, take regular showers and baths, wear clean clothes, eat healthy foods, and have a life outside the relationship.

You’ll have more energy, and be a happier and more positive person: wouldn’t you expect the same from him?

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