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It can sometimes be very difficult to be in a relationship. When it’s a long distance one, it can prove to be even more difficult.

Here are a few tips on how to survive the distance:
Know where you stand

The most important thing to do is to establish where exactly you stand with each other. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page regarding things like exclusivity. You most probably won’t like finding out that he had something on with someone else while you kept to yourself.

Naturally you have to trust each other in order for this to work. You have to believe him when he tells you that he hasn’t been with anyone else, and vice versa. Trust is an important part of any relationship.

It is natural to be suspicious every once in a while but don’t let your imagination run wild. If you feel something’s up, talk to him about it. It’s better to resolve issues as soon as they come up.
Keep the communication lines open

In order to keep the trust level up, it is important to talk to each other as much as possible. With today’s technology, long-distance dating is made easier. Try to talk on the phone daily and send random texts (make it a naughty one every now and then!).

It is not necessary to update your partner with your whereabouts every minute of every day – that might start to seem clingy. But let him know that you are thinking of him. Also remember to remain patient when he doesn’t immediately reply to your texts. Don’t send him panicky texts like “Are you there?” if he doesn’t reply right away. Give him time.

The easiest way to make sure you don’t miss each other’s phone calls, especially if there is a time difference between you and him, is to schedule a time to call each other. If you know you will be unavailable during the scheduled time, let him know.

You can also video chat via Skype once or twice a week. By doing this you can tell him how gorgeous he looks with his new haircut.
Spend as much time together as possible

You both will probably feel that video chatting will only be sufficient for a small period of time. Therefore you have to take every opportunity you can to visit each other, even if you only see each other for an hour. If it’s not possible for you to drive to your partner, hitch a ride whenever you can.

If your loved one is a plane ride away, instead of taking it in turns paying for flights, split the cost of the trip each time, regardless of who is visiting whom. This means it’s less of a lump sum to swallow each time you’re flying.
Remember to alternate the visits regarding location

Also make sure that you plan some visits that aren’t special occasions (birthdays for example) so you can spend some time alone, without family or friends around. After all, you have some serious alone time to catch up on!

Even if you are apart you can still spend some time together. Watch a movie simultaneously or listen to the radio at the same time and tell him how much you hate the song that has just played.

Also make sure you do things like attending concerts of the artists you both love and seeing the movie you both have looked forward to be on the big screen.
Surprise each other

Hearing a knock on the door at one o’clock in the morning can be quite scary. But if you open the door and see your man standing there, you will definitely show those pearly whites.

Call each other at unscheduled times (unless you know he’ll be unable to answer) or dedicate a song to thim on the radio. Or why not order him some pizza and have it delivered at his home? In some sense you still take care of him in this way.

You can even send him a picture of you with a cute puppy you saw while walking past a pet store. Or send him a picture of something that reminds him of you. Sending each other photos might create the sense that you are close to each other even if you are not. If you both have smartphones, keeping in touch with messages and pictures is much easier and cheaper with apps like BBM, Whatsapp and Instagram.
Be creative

You can really let your mind go to remind your man that you’re thinking of him and making sure you keep him interested. Here are a few ideas:

• Make a memory box in which you throw everything that reminds you of him. Give this to him the next time you see each other

• Send him a message in a bottle. Write a love letter, put it in a bottle and mail it to him

• Give him one of your sweaters (even better – a pair of your panties)
Go out with your friends

A night on the town might just be what you need to distract you from missing him for a while. But be careful to not tempt yourself with the hot guys you see while you are out.

Remember to stay positive about the relationship no matter how difficult it might get. You are in fact working towards something! Above all else, make sure you set a time limit on the long distance situation – there is nothing more frustrating than being apart and not knowing when you'll ever live in the same place.

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