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No more drama!
Relationships: importance of courtship
Once a cheater, always a cheater?
Temporary marriage: answer or cop out?
Pros and cons of dating a younger man
Talk to your ex – for the children’s sake!
When he won't introduce you to his family
The best gift for your partner this Christmas
How to make a holiday romance last
Relationships: Great Expectations
Why nobody wins at emotional games
Facebook etiquette: dos and dont's
The Tao of Relationships: role reversal
The relationship comfort zone
Does love ever hurt?
The Tao of relationships: sanctuary
The rules of engagement
How to live with a controlling partner
Decoding body language
Be the hostess with the mostest
Comfortable or lazy?
All in an Ice cream Spoon
Do you have trust issues?
The Tao of Relationships: Facing the inevitable
No more drama!
Part of living a peaceful existence is surrounding yourself with people who support the peace – which is why drama queens should have no place in your life. Find out how to deal with them... Drama queens – everyone has dealt with them at some point or another. The term ‘drama queen’ can be used for a man or woman of any age. They are those people who always want to be in the spotlight and to be the centre of attention, no matter if it’s negative or positive.

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Relationships: importance of courtship
Anthony Rockliffe offers some essential advice to those embarking on a new relationship: I wish I'd read this years ago... If I told you that every relationship you have can be a success, would you believe me?

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Once a cheater, always a cheater?
The big question to unpack this week is, “If my partner cheated on his girlfriend with me, does that mean he will cheat on me in the future with another woman?” In answer to that I can say, it depends. Possibly. Maybe. And maybe not

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Temporary marriage: answer or cop out?
What is a temporary marriage and should we encourage marriage without commitment? Here is one viewpoint... The institution of marriage has taken a lot of abuse in the past several decades. As society’s expectations have changed, so too has its view on matrimony.

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Pros and cons of dating a younger man
Each relationship is unique, but there are several factors that can have an impact, one of which is age... It’s a subject of much debate and one that deserves careful thought before you move along in your search for Mr. Right. Dating a younger man can have its pitfalls as well as its plusses. Don’t let yourself get suckered in by the surface elements, there is too much at stake to be that casual

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Talk to your ex – for the children’s sake!
Liana Meadon discusses the importance of maintaining a relationship with an ex when there are children involved. It’s over, you’re divorced, but while you were married, you not only shared a washing machine, a fridge, a couch and a double bed, you also had a kid or two! It was my son’s Christmas play last Saturday and again, I felt so blessed that my ex and I are on speaking terms and are able to go and enjoy an event where our 4-year old is the focus.

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When he won't introduce you to his family
You feel your relationship has reached a level where it's time to meet his family, but he's dragging his feet about introducing you. Should you be worried? Meeting the family of your significant other is a big step. It usually means he thinks highly enough of you to want to introduce you. But what does it mean when you feel the relationship has reached a certain level and he still won’t do it?

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The best gift for your partner this Christmas
The best gift you can give your partner this Christmas is to make them a RAVING FAN of you! Make it your goal this festive season to find out what you partner really needs and then find as many ways as you can to meet those needs. I learned something very handy about my wife; I would do some things for her and not get the response I hoped for. For a little while it made me feel unappreciated and that I was wasting my time; I wanted to just do nothing at all since what I was doing wasn’t working.

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How to make a holiday romance last
You met the most wonderful person on holiday. But now you're back at home and want to keep the romance going. Here's help... So, you’re smack dab in the middle of a holiday romance. How wonderful! Do you feel like you’ve grown at least an inch taller, since your feet aren’t quite touching the ground – only your toes? O.K, taller is good – it makes you feel pretty, and enhances that lithe, sexy look you’ve been going for. As the days go on, you feel warm and fuzzy and exhilarated, all at once.

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Relationships: Great Expectations
Anthony Rockliffe discusses the expectations we place on relationships, and whether this is fair to our partners... How many good relationships have gone the way of the dodo because someone’s expectations were not met? How fair is that? Is it right to have expectations of others, especially significant others? I say no. Most of the arguments I hear about from married friends usually centre on an expectation that wasn’t met.

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Why nobody wins at emotional games
Whenever we begin a new relationship, there appear to be certain games that many people play, consciously or unconsciously and it can be maddening for both parties. Games such as mind control, power dynamics, possessiveness and tit-for-tat are all dangerous games that could result in you playing all alone when your partner has had enough.

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